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Bridging conventional science and traditional wisdom to create a holistic approach to overall health and wellness.  

Hi! My name is Taylor Fury and I would like to welcome you to Original Nourishment. Here you will find inspiration for nourishing not only your body, but also your mind and spirit through the wisdom of nature, knowledge of science, and art of traditional healing. I started Original Nourishment while in graduate school with the intention of creating an easier way to share my recipes with clients. A lot has happened since this project began. I am now a practicing Licensed Nutritionist, Registered Yoga Instructor, and Meditative Life Guide. I share all of this through private practice, group class, written post, and video. I have a great respect and trust for Mother Nature and believe that she got it right. You can find information about my private practices and group classes here alongside delicious whole food recipes, yoga sequences, and meditative practices that will nourish you on a deep cellular level.